Medical grade Surgical Face Mask Supplier

Medical grade Surgical Face Mask Supplier


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Civil Gloves

Iterm No:WH-CG-03

Natural high quality Natural rubber
Low Protein Content
High strength and elasticity
Lightly Powdered or Coating for easy donning
Left/Right Hand Fitted for highest comfort
Beaded cuff and smooth external finish with palm texture
AQL 1.5

Quality standards
Complies with ASTM D3577(USA related product)
Complies with EN455 and ISO 10282
CE certificate
Technical information
Type:Powder-free, non-sterile
Material:Natural rubber
Model:Ambidextrous, with rolled rim
Storage Remind:Protect from heat, humidity, strong light and ozone
Size/overall length as per EN 455-2:XS, S, M, L and XL 240 mm
Impermeability as per EN 455-1:AQL 1.5
Durability, in original package if stored as per din 7716, ISO 2230:Min. 2 years

Brand:WinHealth or OEM

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WinHealth medical is a national innovation-oriented enterprises in the life and health, is the designated supplier of national health protection products.

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