Medical grade Surgical Face Mask Supplier

Medical grade Surgical Face Mask Supplier
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Three Cranks Hanging Leg Orthopedic Bed MD-B17 ABS

Iterm No:WH-MD-B17
The headboards and footboards are made of high quality ABS engineering plastics.
20*40mm square tube bed, equipped with the whole stainless steel gantry drawing frame.
Five file aluminium alloy folding guardrail, stainless stell folding handle.
The junction parts between the bed legs and the screws adopt once shaping technique stamping parts which assured the fastness of the bed
Back-rest lifting:0-75+5°,Knee-rest lifting 0-35°+5°,loading capacity less than 250kg.
Optional infusion frame, drainage, sundry frame.


MOQ:10 Sets
Terms of Payment:50% TT Prepay, 50% Pay befoe Shipment or 100% TT Prepay
Lead time: 5-20 days (exact lead time to be confirmed based on specific order quantity etc)

Brand:WinHealth or OEM

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