Medical grade Surgical Face Mask Supplier

Medical grade Surgical Face Mask Supplier


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WH-OC-01 Oxygen Concentrators

Iterm No:WH-OC-01 
Flowrate: 0-10L/min Purity ≥90% 
Outlet Pressure: 0.04-0.08Mpa 
Noise Level: ≤50dB 
Dimension :390*337*620mm 
Carton Size: 450*390*690mm NW:24 kg GW:27KG 
Standard Function :Over Heat Alarm,Power Failure Alarm, Pressure Failure Alarm, Timing Function,Working Hours Display 
Optional Function: Lower Purity Alarm, Nebulizer Function, Dual Flow 
MOQ:200pcs(samll orders are acceptable 
Terms of Payment:50% TT Prepay, 50% Pay befoe Shipment or 100% TT Prepay 
Lead time: 5-20 days (exact lead time to be confirmed based on specific order quantity etc)


  • Continuous flow and pulse flow modes

  • High concentration of oxygen output

  • Low noise level

  • Lightweight and portable design

  • LCD display for easy monitoring

  • Oxygen purity and output adjustable


  • Provides reliable and effective oxygen therapy for patients with respiratory conditions

  • Eliminates the need for oxygen tanks or frequent refills

  • Can be used at home, in hospitals, and during travel

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Saves costs in the long run compared to traditional oxygen therapy methods


  • Improves respiratory function and overall health

  • Enhances quality of life for patients and their caregivers

  • Increases mobility and independence

  • Reduces the risk of hospitalization

  • Provides peace of mind for patients and their families


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