Medical grade Surgical Face Mask Supplier

Medical grade Surgical Face Mask Supplier
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Medical Product Manager


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I. Skill requirements

Familiar with medical products, fluent in at least one language (English, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, etc.), familiar with the product design of operating room consumables (surgical gowns, surgical kits, etc.) in Europe, America and Japan, and familiar with the disposable operating room consumables of famous foreign brands such as Medline, KC,Cardinal, Hopes, familiar with the market demand and management team.

Second, job responsibilities

1. Have more than 3 years' relevant industry experience and be fluent in English or other languages.

2. Proficient in the design ideas and concepts of major developed countries in the world, familiar with technical standards such as Europe, America, Australia and Japan, able to quickly promote business priority, and familiar with high-quality products such as surgical gowns, gloves, syringes and medical surgical kits.

3. Be responsible for organizing the planning and design of all kinds of products, packaging and other complete schemes of the company, participating in major domestic and international cloud exhibitions, and being especially good at sales design of all kinds of platform products.

4. Be responsible for the standardization of the whole process from product research and development to samples and batches, procedures, manuals and other standards, and manage the production technical standards.

5. Analyze the international design trends, establish excellent design archives at home and abroad, and excellent design takes the lead.

III. Qualifications:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in medical product design, more than 3 years of relevant experience, more than 3 years of management experience, able to be independent;

2. Fluent in English or other languages, familiar with international medical product design trends and standards.

3. Be familiar with surgical gowns, gloves, syringes and medical products, formulate and lead the team to complete the overall work plan, organize and plan and participate in the design of exhibits in major domestic and international cloud exhibitions, and be especially good at the design and promotion of various platforms.

4. Strong negotiation skills and communication skills with customers. Be familiar with the whole batch process of foreign trade samples, have rich experience in design and mass production of foreign trade products, and have more than 5 years of relevant industry management experience.  

5. Rich management team experience and problem-solving experience, strong adaptability and pressure resistance.

IV. Remuneration, Benefits and Development

1. Working hours: 9:00-18:30. Adjust your working hours according to the customer management in your respective area, and have weekends off;

2. Salary: provide competitive salary in the industry, and flexible salary policy matching with individual ability, including basic salary+full attendance reward+transportation subsidy+comprehensive performance+business commission;

3. Flexible probation period: 1-3 months, subject to the fact that you have been able to undertake the post responsibilities independently, and you can become a regular in advance;

4. Insurance and welfare: five insurances and one gold (investment upon entry), annual physical examination, holiday benefits (Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, March 8th Festival, Christmas ...), league building fund, afternoon refreshments and coffee, outdoor expansion, high temperature subsidy, paid annual leave, birthday benefits, etc.;

5. Paid holidays: enjoy paid holidays such as national statutory holidays, marriage leave and maternity leave;

6. Skill training: provide professional training such as paid pre-job training, on-the-job training, and business ability training, so as to rapidly improve your professional skills and workplace competitiveness, and give a broad space for career development;

7. Career development: The company provides high-quality platform and support in the industry to provide employees with good career development opportunities; Perfect promotion channel-Commissioner-supervisor-manager-senior manager

8. Office environment: close to the commercial district and subway station, with convenient living and transportation, high-grade business office buildings, high-quality office equipment, central air conditioning, and a tea room in the office, so that both work and leisure can be ensured.

9. Opportunities for participation and study abroad.

Welcome talents from all walks of life to join our vigorous team!

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